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Our "Dream Big" Recreation Meet was a HUGE Success! Our theme was based on Disney's "Dream Big". Each group wore Leos from the GK-Elite Disney Collection and did their floor routines to Disney songs that corresponded with their Disney Leos. Employees from the Disney Store set up a station for small kids to color Disney pictures. Our Competition Team Parent's Club (FLIPS) sold concessions and had a wonderful raffle which also had a Disney theme! To add to the fun, we also set up a Minnie Mouse & More Photo Booth that gymnasts could take pics with a polaroid camera with.

The names of each Group were as follows:

Mighty-Mites: Beauty & The Beast

Star 1 & 2: Star Darlings

Stripe 1,2 & 3: The Villains Kids

Pre-Team 1: Minnie Mouse

Pre-Team 2: Elsa

Pre-Team 3: Pink Minnie Mouse

Red Boys & Dynamo Boys: Hawaiin Roller Coaster

Each gymnast received a Shannon Miller "Dare to Dream" Medal along with "Dream Big" Sunglasses, a USA Sports backpack and some other fun goodies.

Our coaches were absolutely amazing! They dressed in their Disney attire and made sure the meet was positive and fun for the gymnasts! And a Big Shout-Out to our Competitive Team Helpers, they were awesome!

Pre-Team Level 1's with Coach Allie

Pre-Team Level 2's

Competitive Team Level 3's w/Coach Allie

Some of our Stars 1 & 2 w/Coach Phil

Proud Dynamo Boy!

Level 3's Salute!!

Disney Volunt"ears"!  They were the best!

Some of our Amazing Coaches & Gym Owner

The Gym is Set Up & Ready to Go!

Dream Big Sunglasses!

Mighty-Mite Beauty & The Beast Leos

Competitive Team Girl Helpers

Some Cute Star 2 - Star Darlings!

Our Mighty-Mites & Dynamo Boy After the Meet!

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